What are people saying?

Blood Pressure Down

Watch Bob share how his blood pressure machine showed two green light for the first time. Blood Pressure down from 167 over 105 to 124 over 81. Great share Bob.

Loved Every Minute

A spontaneous word from Barb and Stan on what they thought about the 5 day juicing reatreat experience. Thanks for your kind words guys.

“A Great Find”

“I attended the Juice Cleanse Retreat recently with Gary, Julianne and Jules. It was such a wonderful experience and weekend away.”


“First Fast”

“This was my first fast and I felt very supported and nurtured throughout the weekend “


“A wonderful experience”

“The whole retreat experience from start to end was truly wonderful and I feel confident I can do my own juice fast at home.”



“I have no words to describe what it feels like to go 3 days on nothing but juice. Thanks guys for show me another way.”


More sharing from 2019 participants

Never Felt Hungry

Listen to Paul tell us how he never felt hungry during the juice fast and could easily go 7 days quiet easily. 

Take a Deep Breath

Angela shares how she leanrt to stop and take a breath and how living foods and their colours can help you glow.

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