Retreat program

Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Program

Why attend a Juice Cleanse Retreat?

If you have never done a juice fast or juice cleanse before then this retreat is the perfect way to get the support and guidance you need. If you have done one before then doing it again, with other like-minded people, will take you to a deeper place of cleansing.

On the juice cleanse retreat we will guide you through our 5 Day Healthy Eating and Lifestyle program. You will discover how to feed your body physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s relaxed, fun, educational and healing.

Facilitated by Gary Dowse, juice chef and founder of the program, you will come away from the retreat feeling RESET and RENEWED.

HealU, as the name implies, is all about YOU. Our program gives you the opportunity to pause, take some time out and give something back to the most important person in the world… YOU!!! 

Day 1 – Feeding Your Mind

Your BODY is the healer. What you have to do is get your MIND out the way so the body can do what it wants to do … heal itself!!!

Our retreat starts with teach you how to get the mind “right”. You will learn how to construct the most powerful, positive healing intention using an ancient creative mindset technique.

On day one we dine together at night with a plant-based dinner prepared by local chef from her home grown produce. The evening concludes with a traditional shamanic fire ceremony to connect us all to the land and become fully present at the retreat.

Day 2 – Feeding Your Body

This is the first day of juice fasting, It begins with a walk in nature, a qigong exercise class and beautiful cold pressed breakfast juice.

You will discover there are 7 principles of health that feed and nourish the BODY… however it’s not just about the food you eat!!! You will learn there is not a single cell, organ or body system that does not have an equivalent plant-based wholefood to help it grow, heal and repair.

After enjoying some tasty lunch and dinner juices you will end the day with a group crystal healing session and a chakra balancing.

Day 3 – Feeding Your Emotions

The second day of juice fasting often brings up some emotions that may need to shift so today is all about understanding how we feed ourselves emotionally.

We all know our thoughts and feelings are powerful.

What you might not realize is how emotions can affect the cells and organs of our physical body.

Today you will discover the power of emotions to heal and you will learn how to identify and shift toxic emotional blockages that may be causing disease and pain.

The evening session is a beautiful two hour sound healing bath that is truly amazing and perfect for helping you shift through any stuck negative emotional energy.

Day 4 – Feeding Your Senses

Having spent the first 3 days relaxing into the retreat and getting to know how you feed yourself physically and emotionally we now move to day four and we want to indulge all your 7 senses. 

Do you know the impact the 7 senses have on your health?

On day 4 we explore the environment around your day to day, the space you create for yourself, what you smell, taste, touch, see and hear to understand how your senses impact your health.

The final night session of the retreat is a group meditation and energy healing session using hands on healing, intuition and visualisation.

Day 5 – Feeding Your Spirit

The final day of the retreat and last day of the juice fasting program is all about YOU, feeding your spirit and finding your passion for life. 

Your ability to contribute to the experience of another person is what makes life so enjoyable.

Today we explore Fate vs Destiny and how to move from where your AT to where you truly want to BE using all the tools you have gathered throughout the 5 day retreat.

At lunch time we break the juice fast with a gathering of fresh fruits and salads. The retreat finishes with a traditional fire ceremony to help you leave behind the past and step into a healthier new future… your healthy lifestyle journey has now begun!!!

What’s Included

  • Five days of private access to Gymea Eco Retreat
  • Four nights’ accommodation
  • All health sessions and daily group activities
  • Fresh cold-pressed juices for breakfast, lunch and dinner (drink as much juice as you need during your stay)
  • Delicious plant-based banquet to start and end the retreat
  • A complementary 60 min relaxation massage
  • Access to the magnesium swimming pool

Fresh Juices

Delicious cold pressed “foodies” juices that taste great, keep you satisfied and deliver all the dense nutrients your body needs. All juices are made from locally grown produce.

Plant-based Meals

Be inspired as we show you how to incorporate more plant-based meals into your daily lifestyle. Savour the taste of last supper & look forward to breaking your fast with locally grown produce.


Each person will receive a 60 min complementary massage by one of our qualified masseurs. Great for helping to release stress and bath in relaxation.

Magnesium Pool

Access to a 20m long resort style Magnesium swimming pool which enjoys incredible views of Mt Warning and the valley. Soothe away any muscle aches and pains and let your skin feel the healing benefits of the therapeutic magnesium.

More Inclusions

Yep we know what you are thinking… it already sounds amazing. Well there are even more inclusions that we need to tell you about because this juice cleanse retreat is all about you and your healing.

Sound Healing

Enjoy a state of pure, unadulterated bliss as you allow the resonance of sound to clear away any emotional blockages and align your mind, body and spirit to peace and joy.

Qigong Classes

Instructor-led morning classes will be available for those wishing to participate. Qigong is an ancient healing art that assists with strength, internal healing and vitality.

Morning Walks

To get you up and moving in the morning we have arranged guided walking trails to take you through the beautiful, secluded, nature rainforest.

Fire Ceremony

A sacred opening and closing fire ceremony that will help you create a powerful and sustainable intention. Fire is a great transformative tool that we use to help you release and let go of anything that is no longer serving you, allowing you to be fully present.

Health starts and ends with YOU!!!

Limited numbers are available and the retreat will sell out fast. Invest in YOURSELF!