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Information about how to apply to 7 principles of health to your daily life.

  • Relationships Module
  • Movement Module
  • Sunlight Module
  • Wholefoods Module
  • Air Module
  • Passion Module
  • Water Module
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When you embrace the 7 principles of health, as part of a healthy eating and lifestyle program, your health improves, you feel better, you have more energy and more life force. You start to free yourself from pain, illness and the stressful state of being in dis-ease.

There is actually only one disease, “molecular chaos”.

When enough molecules are in chaos it leads to cellular chaos. When enough cells are in chaos you will feel it as a sign or a symptom and we label it as a “disease”.

Good news is there are only 2 causes of molecular chaos – Toxicity and Deficiency.

The seven principles of health Air, Water, Sunlight, Wholefoods, Movement, Relationship and Passion were identified by our ancient ancestors as key principles in addressing both toxicity and deficiency in the body.

If you experience toxicity and/or deficiency in any of the seven principles over a period of time you can create chaos in the body which leads to ill health and disease.

Alternatively when you know and embrace the 7 principles for their healing aspects you bring order to chaos that is causing disease and this allows the body to naturally heal itself and return to a healthy state of well-being.

This is known as Self-Care.