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What’s in the Guide:

  • Create your own personal M.A.P of what foods you eat
  • Get the 8 sources of Plant-based Protein
  • Eat a Rainbow of colours for good health
  • A Grocery List: Top 50 – Plant-based Foods
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We all know that one of the keys to good health is to watch what we eat. But do you know what you eat?

There are only 3 types of foods you can eat. Man-made (M), Animal-based (A) and Plant-based (P). I call this the M.A.P to healthy Eating.

Follow the steps below to find out how much Man, Animal or Plant foods you eat each day.


  1. Write down the foods you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner (include any snacks)
  2. Place a M for Man-made, A for Animal product or P for Plant next to each food item you have listed
  3. Add the number of M / A / P separately and record below (eg. M=6, A=5, P=2)
  4. Total everything (eg. T=13)
  5. Work out your % for each (eg. divided each M / A / P by Total = %)