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Get the book “A Foodies Guide to Juice Fasting” by Julianne Dowse and start your own 7 day juice cleanse.

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  • A Foodies Guide to Juice Fasting Book – delivered just pay shipping
  • 7 Day menu planner with 21 recipes – included with the book
  • Shopping List and recipes – included with the book
  • MAP your way to healthy eating – download pdf
  • The 7 Principles of Health guide – download pdf

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A Foodie’s Guide to Juice Fasting

Julianne Dowse, author of A Foodies Guide to Juice Fasting and a self-proclaimed foodie, challenged herself to have nothing but juice for seven days – this 7 day juice fasting program is her story.

Everyone comes to juice fasting from different angles. I came to it to prove to myself that I could go without food for 7 days. As an extra bonus, I got clarity, lost weight, had more energy than I thought possible. I also found I broke through the ’emotional eating’ barrier. Your ‘why’ may be quite different to mine but I am certain you will get everthing you need from this program.

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About The 7 Day Program

Whether you want to overcome a sickness, feel more energetic, or improve your overall health, you’ll move closer to your goal with Julianne’s book and program.

The 7 day program has 21 juice recipes, 7 breakfast, 7 lunch and 7 dinner juices, design to fill your body with maximun nutrients.

Included is a one page menu planner with the recipes laid out in a simple to read, easy to follow 7 day menu with shopping list to buy all your ingredients.

What’s included


Juice Fasting Book

A Foodies Guide to Juice Fasting

7 Day Planner

21 Juice Recipes

Shopping List

Ingredients needed for all recipes

M.A.P to Healthy Eating

Your before and after fasting guide


The 7 Principles of Health

Lifestyle principles

The spirit desires to remain with its body, because, without the organic instruments of that body, it can neither act, nor feel anything.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519)

Fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within

Paracelsus (1493 – 1541)

When it comes to taking care of your health, my wish for you is that you'll simply seek the truth before blindly handing yourself over to a credentialed expert.

Don Tolman

About the author.

Julianne turned to natural healing when both her parents died after a long and horrific battle fighting cancer. Fuelled by her desire to live a long and healthy life and not follow in their footsteps, Julianne found much evidence in support of regular fasting. As a self-proclaimed foodie, she challenged herself to have nothing but juice for seven days, and found that not only did she not die without food, she actually felt better and fasting gave her a great tool to rid the body of toxins and to repair and rejuvenate at a cellular level.  
The greatest influence on her work has been Don Tolman who is renowned for helping people to understand the power of self-care.

Program Guides

You will get these individual guides included free.

7 Day Menu

Shopping List

M.A.P your way to Healthy Eating

The 7 Principles of Health Guide

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